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Just a couple things I take issue with . . .

From the “What the heck is going on in this country?” department: The school district in Mansfield, Texas has added some new classes to it’s curriculum.  Yeah, they have.  They’ve added Arabic language and culture classes.  We’re not talking about … Continue reading

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Do you ever wish they would just . . . stop?

Do you ever feel like they’re not giving you the whole story?  And . . . do you ever feel like there is more than what meets the eye?  And . . . do you ever get that cold little … Continue reading

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Tax bill passed, spending bill dies

Republicans support for the massive $1.1 trillion spending bill collapsed yesterday and the pork laden bill died on the Senate floor.  An alternative “continuation” bill is in the works that will provide the federal government with current level funding until … Continue reading

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Tax Extension Bill in jeopardy

These guys put together a pretty funny spoof.  Check it out: Back to the news and RamblinManDan opinion: The Tax Extension bill moves over to the House for a vote today with the Democrats steaming about giving the wealthy a … Continue reading

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We should have known . . .

We should have known.  We should have known that the pork fueling the legislative process in our Capital would not be purged from the system.  We should have known that the shady deals would still be made. We should have … Continue reading

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Obama bails on Clinton at Press Conference!

Well, looks like ‘Bama did one better than Mr. Hillary might have suggested in the (fake) conversation from today’s earlier post, he just handed over the whole dang job to him.  Ditched him right there on television.  HeHeHeHe . . . yeah, he … Continue reading

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Letter to Senator McClaskill

The Senator was on ‘Fox and Friends’ this morning and was asked about her “pitchforks” remark.  She passes it off as a simple Missouri ‘colliquialism’.  This is not true, it is a phrase used to incite crowds into riots.  Here … Continue reading

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