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Important rewind . . . read this again!

It’s time to wake up and smell the coffee folks.  Our American culture and way of life are in jeopardy.  I am reposting this because it is so vitally important that we understand what’s happening.  The leadership in this country has bedded themselves … Continue reading

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If it looks like a duck . . .

The Jerusalem Post has obtained exerpts from a 1995 book by the (muslim brotherhood) movement’s fifth official leader and what they’ve seen isn’t good.  What they saw was details of “the Brotherhood’s objectives of advancing the global conquest of Islam and reestablishing … Continue reading

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Bits and pieces . . .

Obama hearts the muslim brotherhood Pamela Geller has been talking, writing and blogging about the decline of America and the rise of islam for years.  What she has revealed is nothing less than shocking.  More from about the muslim … Continue reading

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Here it is . . .

Muslim brotherhood and Hamas are one and the same.  Muslim brotherhood orchestrates revolution and overthrow in Egypt.  Hamas launches missile strikes against Israel.  Muslim brotherhood coordinates floatilla off coast of Israel’s Gaza strip. Both Hamas and Muslim brotherhood are bent on the destruction … Continue reading

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Mother Earth’s tiger roars!

2010 – “The year Mother Earth strikes back!”:   Earthquakes, heat waves, floods, volcanoes, typhoons, tornados, blizzards, landslides and droughts ran rampant all over the world throughout 2010, the Chinese year of the tiger.  The death toll in Haiti alone stands at 217,000 and … Continue reading

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Does he call it “Israel” or “Occupied Palestine”?

Netanyahu is not backing down.  Not from Palestine and not from the United States.  He is not giving up east Jerusalem or the West Bank.  Period.  Israel will not share the Holy City of Jerusalem with the Palestinians.  Period.  Over the weekend, … Continue reading

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