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I’ve been remiss and apologize for not keeping guys up to date with RamblinManDan.  Yes, I’ve been busy working out the details of how to navigate my life – you know – looking for the balance that equates to a secure yet comfortable and enjoyable existence but in reality that’s just an excuse.  Truth is I’ve just been lazy about it because each post requires a large investment of time and energy and I simply lost sight of the effort’s value.  Here’s what I mean by that:  It’s hard work writing a blog and it’s is a process of compressing personal opinion and *sic* insight into a theme, performing the research to develop a structurally reliable framework for that theme, engaging cognitive thought to apply a logical sequence of ideas to fit within the framework of that conceptual theme and THEN find the right combination of words that express my intended meaning in clear and understandable written form.  The benefit for me is multidimensional but primarily it is a cathartic process wherein I vent and release my frustrations with the world at large.  It also allows me the opportunity to develop and proclaim in a very public manner a personal “base” of belief and opinion upon which I can stake my own flag – make my claim of who I am and what I stand for.  In other words this blog is my soapbox and I like to express my opinion to anyone who’ll tolerate it.


There it is.

Honesty, confession and intent.

Have you seen the news lately?  Crazy world huh?  Sometimes when I look at what’s going on I get the distinct impression that the place has been turned on its head.  It seems that everything I learned was good is now evil, or perhaps more accurately – evil has now become the social norm.  Those things I was taught to be right and true – things like God is good, respecting your elders, cherishing life, obeying the law of the land, working hard,  earning your position in life, appreciating what you have, trying your best to live by the Golden Rule, being honest, practicing thrift, respecting tradition, defending honor and truth, extending a helping hand, holding high the Bill of Rights, honoring the principles set forth by our Founding Fathers in the Constitution, obeying the Ten Commandments, reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, observing Sunday as the Lord’s day of rest, things like that – are now forgotten, ignored or just flat out ridiculed.  Now, I’ll be the first to admit that at some isolated moments in my life I’ve probably violated every single one of those things but that doesn’t mean I don’t believe them to be true.  What that proves is that I am a sinner – a weak and faulty human being.  But I’ve confessed every single one of those sins and asked God for His forgiveness.  The older I get the more I realize the purity of all those ideas and how important they are to achieve the secure, comfortable and enjoyable life I’ve been chasing for nigh on 61 years now.

Back to the point though, am I the only one who thinks things are upside down these days?  Am I the only one who thinks what’s going on is wrong?  Nope.  I don’t think so.  I think, hope and pray that there are TENS, maybe HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of people – Americans – out there that feel the same way.

Thing is, as History tells us, society is never static.  History proves that society is dynamic and that it evolves, changes and morphs from one state to another.  It must alter itself in order to accommodate man’s discovery, development and application of the resources around him.  Think about that for a minute.  The foundation of Darwin’s theory is based on the same concept of discovery, development and application as applied to the much championed (and now advanced as proven fact) assertion that some obscure little amoeba popped up in the primordial ooze and evolved into the intelligent beings of planet Earth now called “human”.

You guys okay with that?  Are you okay with the idea that your great-great-great-to-near-infinity grandpappy was a single-celled animalcule that one day woke up and found itself with the ability to crawl out of the swamp?  Are you okay with the idea that something slithering through the muck bumped into a rock and realized that the rock would make a good weapon?  Are you okay with the idea that, when dropped, the rock hit another rock that created a spark and the now (kind-of upright) animalcule-turned-mammal discovered fire?  Are you okay with all that?  Not me.  I BELIEVE in Divine Creation.

I do believe in evolution also but not of man, I believe in the evolution of society.  You see, I believe that God created man in His own image, that He created woman as man’s companion and that He created a perfect world – a perfect society – in which man and woman could reside.  And it was all good, things were just fine and dandy until that day when woman stumbled upon the tree of knowledge, was tempted, submitted to temptation, liked it and then shared it with man.  That single act of defiance (partaking of the fruit) was the very first act of societal evolution.  The reward God gave to man and woman for their act of defiance was banishment from the perfect society.  Along with the banishment God gave mankind control of his own security, comfort and enjoyment.  It is WE who have dictated societal evolution and look at what we’ve done with it.

Since then, society hasn’t stopped evolving in order to accommodate mankind’s quest for a secure, comfortable and enjoyable existence. The changes we have seen in our society are mandated by our own pursuit of safety, comfort and convenience.  However, we’ve become lazy.  We WANT the government to tell us what to eat and to feed us.  We WANT the government to tell us where to live and to house us.  We WANT the government to control our safety and to protect us.  We WANT the government to tell us what to think and what to do.  We WANT the government to tell us when to do it.  So you see?  WE haven’t evolved.  Oh no.  Our ambition and initiative have evolved until there is hardly any left in most of us.  We’re lazy but don’t want to give up our security, comfort and enjoyment so we turn to the government to provide those things for us.

How about that?

I don’t think that of everyone.  Just about everyone I know takes personal responsibility for their own security, comfort and enjoyment.  I don’t personally know anyone who doesn’t.  BUT I have seen, heard and witnessed a whole boatload of those who don’t and there are enough of them to influence the direction of our society’s evolution.

Society is evolving folks and there is nothing we can do about it.  We are outnumbered by the millions.  There are enough people now who want to live in security, comfort and enjoyment – but haven’t the foggiest idea about how to get those things – to demand that the government provide it to them . . . and the government will take whatever necessary from the rest of us to provide it to do it.  That’s just the way it is.

Society is evolving and it will not stop except by God’s own hand.

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