Las Vegas

I’ve re-located myself to Las Vegas for a few reasons:  1) For reasons I do not understand, the V.A. here prescribes a longer supply of the medications I take than anywhere else.  2) I like the dry climate and the desert.  3) I feel compelled to be here for some reason.  4) Something inside of me wants to play in the World Series of Poker again.

So here I am with my very skinny bank account and not much else in terms of “vision”.  The economy here is probably worse than anyplace else in the country, the unemployment rate is certainly higher here than any other city in America and the mortgage default rate here is tops in the nation.  Probably close to 50% of the television and radio ads here are lawyers ads for bankruptcy or saving you home from foreclosure or sueing somebody for something.  There seems to be more people wandering around the streets than before and they’re not tourists, that would be a good thing.  I’ve been looking for a work and there are jobs out here, none of which I have a minute’s worth of experience doing.  There are IT jobs, cooks jobs, waiters jobs, housekeeping jobs, security officer jobs, jobs in hotels, jobs in restaurants, jobs in casinos, jobs selling Avon, jobs peddling magazines door-to-door, etc.  I’ve been to see a couple head-hunters and they didn’t paint much of an encouraging picture either, which is a rarity.  There was a job fair the other day and I went but, other than a couple of schools and some guy offering to re-write your resume for $120 there just wasn’t anything there for anyone who doesn’t work in some type of hospitality job. 

Which leads me to wonder . . . why?  Why am I here?  To tell you the truth I don’t really know other than I feel led here for some reason.  I went to a church this morning near downtown, one I had found on the internet.  It was 1 of 5 “Calvary Chapels” in the Las Vegas valley and I guess I picked it hoping for some kind of inspiration.  There were maybe 15 people at the service, at least 5 of which had obviously spent the night sleeping under somebody’s boat or something – I think they were there for the after-sermon snacks though.  The pastor preached a boring and uninspiring sermon from Galations with no real revelence to what’s going on in the world though he did try to describe the difference between Christians and Muslims.  I lost interest when he said something about Islam having no Biblical roots at all.  I think I’ll try a different church next Sunday, there are “Calvary Chapels” in Henderson and Green Valley which may have a different congregation.

The thing is I believe there is are real needs here in Las Vegas, ones I can help fill.  I just don’t know what they are or how to do it.

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