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So the feds came close to shutting down all “non-essential” services last night because our duly elected officials (our very own 2011 version of the Keystone Kops) couldn’t come to an agreement on just how much of ours and China’s money to spend this year.  I’ll get to the “why” later but first I have to say that I’m really confused about something, maybe somebody can straighten me out.  If the things the feds will stop doing because of the lack of budget are “non-essential” and if my understanding of “non-essential” is correct (I looked it up, it means unnecessary), then why are we doing those things?  I mean . . . if those things are not necessary, what’s the reason we do them?  Just wondering because it does not make much sense to me.  Oh and, they did agree to a “budget framework” that would cap appropriations at or near just over $1 trillion for 2011 with barely an hour to spare.

Politicians and bloated big-mouths alike made the rounds of the media this past week, pointing fingers at each other and making stupendous claims of how a government shutdown would adversely effect the American public.  Here are but a few of their outrageous comments and claims:

  • Harry Reid said that the Republicans wanted the shutdown to keep women from getting cancer screenings.
  • Nancy Pelosi said that the Republicans are waging a war on women and that Paul Ryan’s budget plan must be “snuffed out” just before jetting off to Boston to speak at a George Soros event.
  • Chuck Schumer seized the opportunity to politicize the shutdown by blaming the Tea Party for the government running out of money and calling the GOP the party of extremes.
  • Louise Slaughter said that the Republicans are trying to kill women.
  • Jessie Jackson even got into the mix by saying that the Republicans are trying to start a civil war.

Planned Parenthood money is the butt of the comments above.  Republicans insisted on the elimination of federal funding for the state sponsored abortion factory and Democrats were crying “foul”.  The inked deal does ban the use of federal money to fund abortions in the District of Columbia.  Bottom line of this whole disgusting mess is that we have a capitol filled with childish thugs posing as U.S. Representatives and Senators who throw temper tantrums when they don’t get their way.  We are in a dire situation in this country.  Our leadership has sold us out and is pointing our nation towards something that will prove to be decisively the final chapter in American – and possibly global – history.


I just finished reading (2nd reading, 1st was in college) “Spartacus”, a Howard Fast novelization of the slave revolt that occurred in Italy sometime around 73 B.C.  It didn’t take long to recognize Fast’s left-wing bent on the story with Rome representing current western culture, the revolting slaves representing the current working class and Spartacus representing whomever might emerge as the leader.  The book is very well written and provides the reader with detailed background information about the state of Rome’s political, social and cultural condition at that time.  What I found most remarkable is that, with just a bit of imagination, parallels can easily be drawn between Rome and our own culture today.  The gluttony of Rome’s elite class and their attitude towards the common man is acutely mindful of our own. 


The situation in the Middle East continues to fester and boil.  There is a common thread sewn through each hotspot – the muslim brotherhood.  If you are not familiar with these gangsters of islam then you should spend some time doing a bit of research about them.  It isn’t hard to find all sorts of information about them on the internet, they’re a highly visible group.  They are a well organized, determined and frightening bunch intent on overthrowing western-minded civilizations and instituting rigid compliance with sharia law.  Their current focus is the Middle East with the ultimate goal of global domination.  So what’s the big deal you ask?  Sharia law is the code of conduct as laid forth by the quran and is fashioned after the example set by mo-ham-ed.  It directly addresses human behavior and subdivides all human activity into five categories:  obligatory, recommended, neutral, discouraged and forbidden.  Punishments for voilations committed of sharia law range from imprisonment to amputation of limbs to death by stoning.  Adultery by both men and women is punishable by stoning to death however, there must be a confession or at least four male witnesses to the “crime”.  Men are permitted to have as many as 4 wives and women have few rights as we understand “womens’ rights”.  Female sexual pleasure is discouraged under sharia law and anatomical modification of feminine sex organs is surgically performed at an early age to ensure compliance. 

“Honor killing” is a punishment prescribed by sharia law when dishonor is brought upon a muslim family or other social group by one of its members, normally a girl or woman.  The infraction leading to an honor killing is usually associated with style of clothing worn by a female, refusal to comply with an arranged marriage, attempted dissolution of a marriage, inappropriate relationships outside marriage, homosexual activity and adultery.  Such honor killings are becoming more and more visible and are occurring even here in the United States with alarmingly increasing frequency.  I looked and found absolutely no reference to “honor killing” anywhere in the Constitution, Bill of Rights or Federal Papers.

What is most disturbing about the muslim brotherhood as they relate to America is that organized labor and socialist organizations here in this country share the first part of their ultimate goal – the overthrowing of western-minded civilizations.  Because of this common goal, American revolutionaries have thrown in to support the muslim brotherhood in their efforts to topple regimes in the Middle East and are very active in those efforts.  Their purpose is to garner reciprocal support from the muslim brotherhood in the transformation of the United States from a republic to a socialist society.  That Obama is associated with many of those American revolutionaries and their ideology is factual.  That Obama has close ties to members and the ideologies of the muslim brotherhood is startingly dangerous to our very uniquely American society.  Combined, the associations of Obama along with the power of the Presidency represent a great and horrible danger to America.  To minimize or disregard the peril this ominous combination of ideologies, alliances and influence is foolish and irresponsible to the principles of our founding. 


Conservatives with patriotic tendancies toward the true American values of capitalism, entrepreneurialism and American exceptionalism gotta love what Donald Trump is saying.  I believe that he truly loves America and all that it stands for.  He claims that he could restore American luster to our global reputation with vigor and decisive leadership.  I’ve no doubt he would give his absolute best to do just that.  Trump has put monumental deals together with people from all over the world during course of his career and in doing so built a massive real estate empire.  Therein lies the root of Trump’s American loyalty for what he has done in his lifetime would not be possible in any other country. 

But is he the right man at the right time to be POTUS?  I’m not smart enough to know the answer to that question but I do know this:  Without a true American patriot in the wheelhouse, our way of life is in danger of being victimized by the academic elites and socialists who are working overtime to dismantle our American culture.


Speaking of Donald Trump, he has employed private investigators to look into Obama’s background and he has said that what they are reporting to him is startling.  During an interview with Merideth Vieira on the Today Show, he spoke of this and many other things.  Take a look:

No doubt, Trump has an ego the size of Manhattan but his logic is compelling.  I like what I hear and will struggle to find another with his determination.


Israel stands alone.  Surrounded by the muslim brotherhood, Israel stands alone.  The current leadership of this country, from President to Secretary of State, have abandoned Israel to fend for itself.  When the levee breaks and Israel stands to defend itself, woe be to the attackers.  This video outlines the challenges posed to the defense of Israel:

With so much at stake in the Middle East, is there any wonder why Jews and Christians alike are worried over Obama and his sympathies towards muslim causes?

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