“To the shores of Tripoli”

2,200 Marines from the 26th MEU, or Marine Expeditionary Unit, have been deployed to Libya for the express purpose of “helping end the violence directed at the Libyan people”.  That’s their mission on this deployment.  I’ve searched and searched but cannot find the parameters of their orders published anywhere.  What I would really like to find is the definition of the word “help” as used in the above directive.  Obama says that we are “not at war” while U.S. warplanes strike military targets in Libya and Marines prepare to go ashore.  I really, really do wonder what the objective and rules of engagement are for this mission.  It just seems that this mission is kind of like going hunting without knowing what you are hunting for, then shooting at everything that moves. 
 To my knowledge this is the first time in history the United States Marine Corps will openly be utilized in league with our enemy – in this case al Qaeda – during military action to unseat and overthrow a government.  Obama goes on a holiday in South America with a handful of execs from big corporations and nonchalantly asserts that we are “not at war” while munching on a bowl of polenta.  This whole thing stinks. 
I spent just 3 years in the Corps during the early 70’s but I bleed Marine Corps scarlet and gold and I even carry around (24/7) a pebble I picked up on the beach in Tripoli while passing through Libya just a couple years ago. So I guess you could say with some certainty I am a lifetime Marine even though I wore the uniform for just 3 years. “Once a Marine, always a Marine.” My love of God, Country and Corps has never tarnished over the years and it is just as strong today as ever – if not stronger.  My prayers tonight are for my young Marine brothers as they follow the orders of their leaders in Libya.
As I watch the calamity of this elected American President unfold, I am reminded that all of what is happening globally has been long foretold. As foolhardy, terrible and frightening as they are, the actions of this world are but the building blocks of God’s plan. Time is short my friends. God’s judgement is coming sooner than later. Make your peace with God before it is too late.
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