Bits and Pieces . . .

The Adventures of Obama-Rama-Man!

How much?

We’ve been hearing so much about our total deficit and wondering how in the world it could ever get to $14+ trillion.  Well, here’s the answer:  the monthly deficit for February alone was $223 billion!  That’s more than a 1.5% increase to the total deficit in one month alone!  Is it any wonder why there is an increasingly louder call for the impeachment of Obama, our bankrupter-in chief?

Michele Bachmann says, “Give it back!”

This is distressing.  To have hidden that much money deep into the bowels of the already stinky Obamacare legislation is outright criminal.  Right on Michele Bachmann!

Uplifting story of the day

If you haven’t heard about this puppy yet, this story will lift your day.  Take a good look at this little guy.  He was the runt of five puppies put to sleep due to illness last Saturday in Oklahoma and dumped into the dumpster in the back of the shelter.  Well, it seems he wasn’t quite ready to go because the next morning, an animal control officer noticed the puppy wiggling around in the refuse and told reporters, “He was just as healthy as could be.”  The puppy was taken back into the shelter and adopted almost immediately.  What an amazing story!

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2 Responses to Bits and Pieces . . .

  1. Walt says:

    There is an almost zero probability of the R’s will defund anything in Obamacare and a very low probability that they will make a significant (>10%) dent in deficit spending.

    • Yeah Walt, I have the same sentiment even though they’re making a lot of noise. It could be they’re just rattling their sabers for posture. There’s another election coming up in ’12 and they all seem to be more concerned with that than with the state of the union.

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