Impeachment is the cure, Obama is the disease

What does this jacka** have to do?

I mean . . . for cryin out loud . . . what’s it gonna take to get the American public to open their freakin eyes?  The skeleton is out of the closet and Obama isn’t even trying to be coy about his intentions anymore . . . the jerk isn’t even a law-abiding citizen.  Here’s the SHORT list of his offenses against the U.S.

  • Reputation of the United States of America – America is in a profound reputation crisis.  The prestige of our leaders, government, industry and economy are at a global all-time low and is sinking even further at an alarming rate.  Nobody could have done more damage to the international reputation of this country than Obama has.  Michael Savage addresses this on his radio show here:
  • Healthcare – Obamacare has been shoved down our throats in the blink of an eye, an action will bankrupt the country.  IRS agents will be the enforcers of the legislation and there is NO escape from the long reach of those thugs.  Mark Levin is one of the most brilliant conservative radio show hosts today.  Here is a clip from his show:
  • Immigration – The federal government’s PRIME OBLIGATION is the defense of America.  Our safety from all threats is dependent upon the federal government fulfilling it’s duty and Obama has turned his back on this by refusing to comply with statutes that require the feds to do just that – defend America.  Our border security a laughable:  I know that, you know that, Obama knows that, Napolitano knows that, Mexico knows that and you’d better believe Al Qaeda knows that.  Arizona passed legislation that would enforce the laws that the feds are supposed to be responsible for yet are neglecting and Obama sues them for it.  Professor Terry Lovell expounds on Obama’s war on immigration:
  • Terrorism – Obama’s naive attitude towards foreign relations and his subconscious loyalty to islamism has compromised our nation’s security like never before.  We’ve seen him bowing to the Saudi king, bowing to the Japanese emperor, bowing to Castro and bowing to Putin.  We’ve heard him say that islamic terrorism is not terrorism but some other screwed up, manufactured, politically appeasing, non-offensive name.  I tell you folks, he’s banging the drum and we’re all just standing around enjoying the show.  If we don’t do something soon, he’ll bring us all down.  Here are 2 short videos of actor Jon Voight talking about this HUGE problem we have called Obama:
  • DOMA – If President Reagan had decided to not enforce the abortion law and ignore the Roe vs Wade decision, what do you think might have happened in this country?  Think maybe they would have called for his impeachment?  Make no bones about it, that’s exactly what would have happened.  Now, our morally challenged bankrupter-in-chief has decreed that he will not enforce a standing law – Defense of Marriage Act – and the so-called media is giving the guy a pass.  What’s that all about?  Representative Trent Franks talks about the alternative courses of action below:
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