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Little Peepz and little Robotz talk about Wisconsin:

Rahm’s in-da-house!

Rahm Emanuel is Chicago’s new mayor.  Yippi-ky-o-ky-aye!  Yeah, I know.  I was hoping the Windy City people would get smart and move away from their long and nefarious history of thug politics.  But then . . . they are the home of the Cubs now, aren’t they?  I don’t know what I was thinking.  This town couldn’t spot a turkey in a flock of mallard ducks if their lives depended on it. 

After a long and heated bidding war involving several cities, Phil Condit moved the Boeing HQ there from Seattle a few years ago.  Shortly thereafter, he refurbished the interior of the corporate jet he was using to look like some sort of medieval throne room.  Where – I wonder – did that money come from?  I’m not accusing anyone of anything, I’m just asking . . . where did Condit get the cash to turn his Boeing air-bus (sic) into a Shakespeare festival?  Your guess is as good as mine. 

Anyway, that’s a whole different story.  The deal with Emanuel being mayor of Chicago is this:   Chicago politics is so corrupt, so unscrupulous, so vile and underhanded . . . the city of Chicago actually has an insurance policy to protect itself against corruption!  What? Huh?  Did I say “corruption insurance”?  Is that even possible?  Well, according to “Business Insider” they did just that!  They’ve cashed in on the policy once already and, no doubt, they are very happy to pay the increased insurance premiums that will surely be levied against them now that a “splinter cell” of the corrupt Obama mob is occupying the corner office at City Hall in the form of Rahm Emanuel.  I wouldn’t be surprised if they decide to double the policy amount.

No Government shutdown – for now

Washington will be running for at least 2 more weeks, thanks to a stopgap spending bill that passed by a 335-91 House vote today.  On the bright side, the measure also cuts the Fed’s spending limit by $4b over the next 2 weeks as well.  This looks to be the first big spending cut victory for the newly elected GOP House Majority but don’t put your dancing shoes on yet.  This is just a “continuing legislation” measure to fund the Feds for a couple of weeks.  And, oh yeah, that $4b?  That was made up entirely of pork and other reductions that had previously been blessed by the Bankrupter-in- Chief and agreed upon by Dems and Reps alike.  So . . . it’s still just a big old shell game.

In case you were wondering . . . 

 Take a good look at this map.  What do you see?  Oh, first let me tell you that government, or public, employees earn more than people who work for private companies in 41 states.  Does that help?  NOW what do you see?  You probably see RED!  And, oh yeah, notice that one state up near the lakes there?  Yeah, that’s it.  The red one marked “WI”?  That’s Wisconsin.  Hmmmm . . . seems that the unionized government, or public, employees there have been in the news recently.  Now, what was that again?  Oh yeah, I remember now.  They’re the ones wanting even MORE from the government.  The Robotz got it right.

Laugh while you still can

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