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Democratic Representative, “You’re f***ing dead!”

Gordon Hintz (yeah, that’s him) is a Democratic State Representative in Wisconsin who, in a fit of rage, turned to nearby Republican State Representative Michelle Litjens (that’s her) and screamed those actual words, “You’re f***ing dead!”, to her after the Assembly had voted on the Budget Repair Bill.  I notice the representative chose a female opponent.  No doubt I and about a couple hundred thousand others, Marines and non Marines alike, would be more than happy to give the good representative a worthy second chance to scream similar challenges to any or all who care to listen.  That is, if he has the stones.  Google the ratbastard’s name, see what pops up.  The guy’s a slimeball.

What in the world is going on?  I do not recall any such language or threats when the Obamacare bill was being rammed down our throats.  Wasn’t it the Tea Party that was supposedly succeptible to violent outbursts according to the media?  Didn’t the media broadcast to the world that violence is most likely to come from conservatives?  Yet this guy, the one threating a female conservative with death, the liberal one, this is the guy with the violent outburst.  And, oh yeah, it was the liberals in Madison who punched the reporter from Fox.  And, oh yeah, it was the liberal protesters who waved the hateful signs about “gangbangs”.  And, oh yeah, it was a liberal freak that spouted out the challenge for conservatives saying, “I’ll take any one of you on!”  And, oh yeah, it was a liberal who said that sometimes we “have to get bloody.”  I could go on and on and on but it’s all the same.

Our country is under attack and we are on the brink of something that could turn deadly in an instant.  The language coming out of the mouths of the people who push the liberal agenda on the rest of us is simply unacceptable.  Respect?  Common courtesy?  These people cannot even relate to the concept.  They are bullies and, eventually, they will be dealt with in exactly the same manner school yard bullies are dealt with.

It will happen.  The only question is . . . will it be soon enough?

GAO Report out Tuesday, “will make us all look like jackasses.”

Or so says Senator Tom Coburn, R-OK.  “Go study that (report).  It will show why we’re $14 trillion in debt,” the Senator went on to say.  “Anybody that says we don’t look like fools up here hasn’t read the report.”

And that’s news to exactly whom?  The Fox story is here.  Have a barf bag at the ready.

From the “who gives a rat’s a**” department

Charlie Sheen.  Stark.  Raving.  Mad.  Disgusting.  Here it is.  Again with the barf bag.

Laugh while you can, they don’t make ’em like this anymore:

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