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Robotic lesson in civics

Nuclear war to reverse global warming?

It’s true.  Scientists are now saying, according to the National Geographic, that a small nuclear was could reverse the effects of global warming.  “The global cooling caused by these high carbon clouds wouldn’t be as catastrophic as a superpower-versus-superpower nuclear winter, but “the effects would still be regarded as leading to unprecedented climate change,” research physical scientist Luke Oman said during a press briefing Friday at a meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science in Washington, D.C.”

The implications of that so-called discovery are chilling.  Will AlGore’s wealth building global warming hoax actually be used as a ruse to “justify” some sort of nuclear war?

Boeing, Obama bedfellows?

Is the 3rd largest defense contractor in America joined lock-step with the Obama agenda to bankrupt the United States?  Shortly after Chicago-based Boeing won a lucrative contract worth $35b to build aerial refueling tanker aircraft for the U.S. government, a top official of the machinists union praised Obama for the award.  During a conference call with reporters, the union boss said, “Anywhere we had a chance to speak with this administration we did.  He listened to the people, and he understood this $35 billion in defense funds will be put to good use.”

Hilarious interview of Donald Rumsfeld – “Are you a lizard?”

Pro-union rallies filled with with violent hate-speech

The libs are letting the animals out of their cages.  Leftist media bigmouths have accused tea party rallies of pro-violent and inciteful language but I have not heard at any tea party rally anything like what this rat-bitten jerk is foaming at the mouth about.  Check it out:

Rockford, Illinios’ new advertising campaign.

From the laugh while you can department:

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  1. Leanne says:

    The Union Bosses do not represent the whole of Boeing. Whether or not these discussions were held, I think that is mis-representative to claim that “Boeing” is in cahoots with Obama. As a stakeholder and an employee of Boeing, I would be greatly disturbed if it were true that the whole of Boeing was colluding with the Obama administration. I believe that the US Air Force Acquisition Board would have made the decision for this contract. And I don’t believe that Obama and the US Air Force are BFFs. I am glad that the Tanker contract was won by Boeing and not by EADS. US Air Force equipment should be made by a U.S Company. This contract is only the first phase and is worth $3.5B and not $35B. We still have to wait to see who will win that follow on work.

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