Saturday Morning Civics Class

Attorney General of the United States Eric Holder announced on Wednesday that the Obama administration will NOT efforce the Defense of Marriage Act, the law that prohibits same-sex marriages.  The meaning of this goes much deeper than the social morays that underlie pro or con gay sentiment.  To refuse to enforce prevailing law is Constitutionally forbidden of the Executive branch of government.

The leftist legislators in Wisconsin have fled to neighboring Illinois in order to avoid voting on a bill that would balance that state’s government and in doing so, they are refusing to create law as required by the Constitution and to do so is expressly forbidden of the Legislative branch or government.

We all learned in 8th grade civics class about the 3 branches of government and of their responsibility relative to law.  Let’s review:

  • The Legislative branch creates law
  • The Judicial branch interprets and applies law
  • The Executive branch enforces law

That is how the Constitution of the United States has framed the government and it’s role relative to the laws of the land.  For any branch of government to refuse to perform their assigned duty is a breach of Constitutional law. 

Impeach Obama and fire his cabinet.  Impeach the revolting legislators in Wisconsin and replace them.  How much simpler can it be?  Click on the link below, take action:

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