Fairy tales . . .

Somebody once told me, “Fairy tales don’t tell children that dragons exist, children already know that dragons exist.  Fairy tales tell children that dragons can be defeated.”

Looking around the world today, it isn’t hard to see the dragons because they’re aren’t hiding from us anymore.  There’s no need for them to be reclusive because many of us have been seduced and blinded by their promise of crumpets and tea equality for all.  The allure of “socio-economic justice” appeals to sightless people of all classes for many different reasons:   The wealthy because it gives them social status for after all, “Those poor people deserve some of life’s finer things.”  The middle class because their neighbors do, “Keeping up with the Jones’ isn’t limited to boats and suv’s.”  The lower class because, well, it gives them more of the “stuff”  they don’t have to work to get.

The only way the dragons could gain firm enough control to reveal themselves was to convince or deceive enough of us with their “noble” cause that we would give them the keys to Emerald City.  We did that in November of 2008.  Now, the dragons are spreading the word that the fairy tale isn’t true, that the dragons cannot be defeated.  In fact, they are ridiculing those that tell fairy tales and they accuse those people of racism and bigotry.  No doubt, the dragons will soon be working to make the telling of these fairy tales an illegal act of hostility towards the state.  


No matter what they say or do, no matter what penalties or punishments they impose, no matter how severely they critize, chastize or ridicule you . . . and believe me, they will do all of this and much, much more . . . do not lose faith in the fairy tales.  Do not stop telling the fairy tales.  And YES, the fairy tales are true and YES, the dragons CAN be defeated! 

Never lose faith and never, ever give up!

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