Shocking evidence of political collusion

If you still have any doubts at all about where Obama’s allegiances lie . . . if you think for one minute that all of this talk about Obama being in bed with the unions is just a bunch of conspiratorial malarkey . . . if you don’t believe that the socialistic ideology of the unions are working in harmony with Obama to transform America . . . watch this video:

There is no doubt whatsoever that Obama and the unions are using each other for their own respective mutual benefit.  Why else would union boss Trumka be spending so much time either in the White House or on the phone with them? 

This is dangerous and here’s why:

Obama is a Marxist.  Marxism is a political ideology that promotes and pursues the collapse of socioeconomic class through the redistribution of wealth.  Simply put, it mandates the forceful seizure of wealth by a central government from those who have and then distributes that wealth to those who do not have. 

Unions are Marxist.  Unions advocate, using disruptive and violent tactics if necessary, for the financial benefit of their members from the companies that employ those members and in those companies where unions exist among it’s employees, membership is typically mandatory.  Again, their ideology consistent with the Marxist axim of redistribution of wealth.

The union members pay dues to the union and the union then ‘negotiates’ an employment contract with the company on behalf of it’s members.  This concept sound innocent enough, and in the early days of union ‘organizing’ it played a crucial and necessary role in securing and protecting workers’ rights in the American industrial complex.  However, over the past several decades the power held by those in the unions’ heirarchy has grown to immensely and alarmingly portentous dimensions. 

Let me tell you a story from my own life experience that will hopefully help you to understand just how seriously dangerous the unions really are.  When I left the Marine Corps in 1973, I enrolled in college and spent the next year struggling with the task or reassimilating myself into a civilian life AND with the rigors of college.  After 2 semesters of what can only be described as banging my head against the wall, I left college and moved out to Seattle in an attempt to ‘find myself’.  It didn’t take long to find work in a glass factory that was very much unionized and, at first, I declined membership.  Several of the senior workers in the factory spoke with me about the benefits of being in the union and each time I thanked them and declined.  Then one day the union president asked for a meeting with me and during that meeting he expressed his concerns that, should I continue to refuse union membership, he could not be held responsible for what might happen.  Again, I declined the invitation. 

The workings of a glass factory are big, powerful, hot and very dangerous.  Molten glass is held in huge hoppers overhead and fed through chutes into molds for bottle and jars that are pneumatically opened and closed on very large and very powerful machines the size of dump trucks.  A ‘machine operator’ is assigned to each machine to ensure the manufacturing process runs smoothly by adjusting the speed of the machine, the rate at which the glass is fed into the machine and to clear any jams that might occur in the molds or on the conveyor.  My job at the time was ‘floorsweeper’ and that’s exactly what I did.  The nature of the bottle/jar making process is messy – for every one made several others end up on the floor around and beneath the machine – and the broken glass must be constantly removed from in and around the machine in order to allow the ‘machine operator’ access to the molten glass, molds and machine controls.  He is solely responsible for the machine’s operation and performance.

The day after my meeting with the union president, about halfway through my shift, an alarm was sounded from one of the four machines I was assigned, an indication from the ‘machine operator’ that there was a catastrophic event of some sort that was halting or hindering production.  The mandatory response team to an alarm was made up of the ‘floorsweeper’ assigned to the machine, the shift ‘engineer’ and the shift ‘foreman’.  I dropped what I was doing in a different shop and rushed over to the shop containing the machine that sounded the alarm.  Sure enough, the conveyor was jammed shoulder high with red-hot bottles, the molds weren’t opening and closing in rhythm with the feeder and the chutes were backed up with molten glass.  It was a mess and as I turned to ask the ‘machine operator’ – a native Yakima Indian called “Chief” (no, I’m not kidding) – what had happened, a glob of molten glass the size of a basketball flew right by, missing my head by mere inches.  Chief was standing there with a big pair of glass-handling tongs, staring and grinning at me from ear-to-ear.  I didn’t see him throw the glass but it was the only way THAT could have happened so I yelled at him, “What the he** was that all about?”  Chief just continued to grin as he pointed up to the glass hopper suspended above us.

I looked up and saw that the hopper was beginning to overflow with molten glass, it’s ports that fed the chutes had somehow become obstructed or clogged so badly that wouldn’t allow the hot glass to gravity feed down to the machine.  I ran up the metal ladder to the catwalk above the machine, grabbed an 8 foot long steel “punch” bar and leaned over the hopper to punch through the obstruction in order to free up the chute to allow the molten glass to flow through the chute.  No sooner had I freed up the first chute when I was physically shoved towards the fiery hot hopper filled with molten glass.  It was only my reflex that saved me from falling headfirst into the brimstone bubbling below as I balanced the punch bar through the hot materials and on the bottom of the hopper. 

I hung there with my entire body suspended over the hopper for what seemed like an eternity with my feet on the catwalk and my hands clinging to the punch bar.  Finally, I felt hands pulling on my shirt and hauling me back onto the catwalk.  After regaining my balance I turned and found myself staring into the grinning face of the shift foreman who pulled me to within a couple of inches of his face and said, “Good thing a UNION man was here to save you, eh?”  I joined the union the next day.

With coercive and mandatory membership common in the workplace and using threating tactics against those who defer, unions have – over the years – grown in size and in influence.  Union bosses control enormous voting populations and have the power and influence to actually swing election results in their favor.  That is why collusion between unions and government is so very dangerous and should NOT be permitted.

Obama and Trumpka are colluding, make no mistake about it.  Obama wants to install Marxism into the United States and Trumpka wants to seal the unions’ contract provisions.  They are one and the same. 

It is political collusion, pure and simple.  It has to be stopped.

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