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Like-minded Freedom Lovers

There is a new website that has been established to help people connect with each other, organize events and groups for the purpose of educating ourselves and defending our freedoms.  It is organized geographically and very easy to use.  Take a look, here’s the url:

World’s Deadliest Towns

What’s your guess . . . Kandahar?  Bogata?  Baghdad?  Mexico City?  Detroit?  St. Louis?  You would be wrong with each guess, not even close.  The world’s deadliest cities are those that are encroaching upon the territories of the deadliest wild animals on the planet.  Tiny villages in India that stuggle with herds of elephants on a daily basis in order to protect their meager gardens.  The elephants wander into the villagers’ fields each night to forage because their territory has been razed to make room for tea plantations.  Or an African village that battles with deadly hippos to protect their gardens.  Like the elephants, the hippos are forced into the farmers’ fields by human encroachment.  Fishermen in Southern Indian must brave tiger infested mango swamps to feed their families.  Seems even the globe’s wildlife is in chaos these days . . .

Check it out on Animal Planet:

Progressive Class or lack thereof

These youtube videos speak for themselves.

And, if you still think Obama isn’t playing a heavy hand in organizing the Wisconsin protests, watch this video from 2008:

Illinois:  No More State-funded Drug or Alcohol Abuse Treatments

States neighboring Illinois should expect an invasion of druggies and alkies alike in the coming weeks as Democratic Governor Pat Quinn has slashed the State’s budget of all funding for treatment programs.  Yup, only federal funds will be used to rehab Illinois’ lounge lizards and Obama cronies beginning next month so it’s expected that many of the treatment centers will be closing down.  Read more about it here.  By the way, that link is not to a newspaper called the Trib or the Sun-Times.  Nope, it’s to a UK news website called Mail Online.  I doubt you’ll see any domestic news sources reporting this because it is a Democrat doing the dirty deed.

What part of “We are broke!” do they NOT understand?

From the Washington Post:  “The daunting tower of national, state and local debt in the United States . . . already exceeds the size of the entire economy, according to government estimates.”  The article goes on to say that we at at post WWII debt levels (in then-year dollars) but that, after WWII debt levels tumbled rapidly which is starkly contrasted to today’s debt projections of burdgeoning debt at all levels of government.  Federal spending continues to spin fatally upwards while the state and local governments are forced to take drastic measures to balance their budgets as required by all but 1 of the 50 states’ budgets.  The difference is that while the feds can print and borrow money, the states can’t.  So . . . while the states are making massive budget cuts in order to meet constitutional budget balancing requirements with severe consequences (as in can you spell Wisconsin?) our bankrupter-in-chief is bussing protesters from all over the country in to protest balance budgeting measures in Wisconsin. 

There is no doubt that what is going down in Washington is the intentional sabotage of our country.  The real question is:  Why are we standing by and letting this happen?

Go figure . . .

P.S.  Any guesses as to which state is NOT held to this standard?  Nope, not California or New York.  Guess again.  Washington state is not bound by it’s constitution to make ends meet but “it is their goal” each year.

Allen West, Patriot

Lt. Colonel Allen West, a United States Representative from Florida’s 22nd District, is confronted by a CAIR member during a town hall meeting and the results are nothing short of spectacular. 

West’s backbone is clearly present as he politely – but firmly – put the man in his place.

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