Sickness in Wisconsin

I’ve always liked Wisconsin . . . it is a beautiful, lush and green (as in the ‘old’ definition of green) state filled with deep, blue lakes and wildlife.  The one thing about Wisconsin I’ve never cared much for though, is the very liberal nature of most people I’ve known from there.  I don’t know what it is about Wisconsin that pushes people towards progressivism but it sure does seem to do that. 

This week’s protest in Wisconsin has turned ugly and, may get even more ugly in the days to come.  Take a look at these pictures taken at the protest.  Do these photos convey the kind of country we strive to be?  I don’t think so . . .

First of all, the guy holding the “Nixon” sign doesn’t look to be old enough to even remember the whole Nixon/Watergate thing and second of all, the sentiment expressed in the second photo isn’t worth talking about – it’s pure trash.  I’ve been to several Tea Party events and have NEVER seen anything that comes even close to being this low.

Revolution.  That’s what they are calling for.  Revolution.  With the most socialistic federal government in place this country’s ever seen, one that is not only supporting these fanatics but is encouraging them, the unionized teachers and bussed-in protesters in Wisconsin are calling for the overthrow of Wisconsin governor Walker . . . physically if necessary.  Take a look at these videos:

All of this rioting in places worldwide is fueled by a handful of people with nothing but evil intent who are in places of power and influence, people who are counting on the chaos to create an unprecedented opportunity to seize control.  They’ve been trying to infect the world’s societies with this sickness for decades and, finally, it appears they may have been successful.  Watch for it to spread like cancer.  If this diseased socialism is not stopped now, it will spread unchecked from state to state here in America and from country to country globally as they incite people worldwide with their planted revolutionists in an eventual violent call for a revolution to displace existing government only to insert their own evil empire.

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