Like a ripened fruit . . .

“The socialization of a culture is a process brought about by years of strategic planning and subtle action.  The effort is pragmatic, prolonged and the basic condition of social classes within the targeted society must be ripe with disheartenment and discontent.  The citizenry must be desperate for change, desperate enough to be blinded to the reality of the rise of socialism.  The role of politics in the final stages of this movement is fundamentally critical to success.  Government control is required to coordinate, organize, effect and enforce the new social order and for redistribution of the wealth.”
Dan Maloney,  October 29, 2008

Does any of that sound familiar to you?  Recognize anything at all in those words?  If you are one of the millions of Americans who are stuck in the mired expectation that the things happening all over the world won’t touch your life or the lives of your family members you had best wake up very, very soon.  If you STILL think for one minute that ANY of what’s going on in this country or the world is just happenstance . . . think again.  Free yourself from the “herd” mentality you’ve been attached to for so many years and fire up some of those brain cells bouncing around in your head.  THINK.  REASON.  WATCH THIS VIDEO, SEE FOR YOURSELF:

Get yourselves ready.  The rioting has spread here to the United States and, with Obama’s support, it will proliferate from Wisconsin throughout the country like wildfire.  There is a global insurrection on the horizon.  Prepare.

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