If you’ve ever been to the Dells in Wisconsin, you know that it is truly a beautiful and pleasant state.  If you’re ever been to Madison, home of the University of Wisconsin, for a football game, you know that Wisconsin’ers are very proud of their university.  If you’re ever been to the Big Ten Bar and Grill in Madison on gameday, you know that Wisconsin’ers love their beer.  If you’ve ever been standing just about anywhere near the Big Ten Bar and Grill in Madison at closing time, you know that Wisconsin’ers love to empty their stomachs on their way home.

Today, if you’ve been paying attention to the news, you would know that Obama is bussing protesters into Madison and Milwaukee.  You see, these people are unionized workers, most of them on the GOVERNMENT payroll, and they are supposed to be servants of the people.  Instead, they are merely Obama supporters.  AND . . . elected Wisconsin officials have gone into hiding to avoid a debate and vote on a budget that would do what the state’s constitution REQUIRES, namely . . . balance the budget.

President Reagan fired the air traffic controlers when they struck.  Obama is not only encouraging these government workers to strike today, he is bussing them in!

This is an unconscionable act of treason on behalf of the POTUS.  IMPEACH OBAMA!

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