Elections . . . have . . . consequences

Way back in 2007 . . . back when Hillary was “given” as the Democratic nominee, back when the Republicans were doing absolutely nothing to dissuage the assaults on W and the rest of the Republican Party, back before the mortgage crisis hit the economy, back when the auto industry was still “private”, back before the Bank of America became THE Bank of America, back before the number of unemployed Americans hit 10%+ of the population, back when nationalized health care was just a political notion, back before we were staring at $14+ trillion in national debt . . . way back before any of that, I plead with you to vote FOR America, not Obama and warned of what would happen if Obama were elected.  Then only days ahead of the 2008 election, I plead with you again.  Here it is, from 10/29/2008:

Please, THINK

Wednesday, October 29, 2008 7:30 AM
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I don’t really care that much for either of the Presidential candidates and, in my view, both parties could have put up better nominees.  Regardless, I am distressed at how naive the American public seems to be right now.  Through all this economic turmoil and corruption, we seem to be recklessly and frantically searching for an answer, any answer, that will restore our faith in government and preserve our hope for the future. 
The social and political atmosphere here is pungent with the stench of our fears and we are reaching for desperate solutions out of sheer anxiety and hopelessness.  The winds of change are blowing fiercely in America and our future is at risk.  Kruschev told us years ago that America would fall like a “ripened fruit” and that global communism was preparing us for that end even then.  Could this be what he was talking about?
An Obama interview from 2001 was revealed in which he talked about the Civil Rights Movement.  He talked about how the Supreme Court, while achieving success with the basic and fundamental arguments of Civil Rights, fell short in its ruling regarding political and economic justice.  The words “redistribution of wealth” actually came out of his mouth.  If you haven’t spent the time to listen to it, you should. 
Regardless of whether you are a supporter or an opponent of Obama, after hearing his opinions and remarks, you have to agree that this thing smacks of Marxist communism.
Karl Marx, after whom “Marxism” gained its name, was the anti-semitic founder of organized socialism and author of the “Communist Manifesto”, a collection of theory and philosophy espousing the merger of economic classes within a society as orchestrated by a central, ruling government.  The theme of this philosophy is elimination of social class and eradication of private property.  Its essential goal is “redistribution of wealth”.
The socialization of a culture is a process brought about by years of strategic planning and subtle action.  The effort is pragmatic, prolonged and the basic condition of social classes within the targeted society must be ripe with disheartenment and discontent.  The citizenry must be desperate for change, desperate enough to be blinded to the reality of the rise of socialism.  The role of politics in the final stages of this movement is fundamentally critical to success.  Government control is required to coordinate, organize, effect and enforce the new social order and for redistribution of the wealth. 
Does ANY of this sound familiar to you?
Those of you who took the time to watch the video from www.atlasshrugs.com I referred to some time back with the KGB agent describing the process whereby global communism was preparing the United States for socialization should recognize some of the signs he foretold.  It very well could be happening right here, right now.
Here are the 10 basic “planks” or tenents of Marxism as outlined in the Communist Manifesto, copied from Wikipedia:
  1. Abolition of property in land and application of all rents of land to public purposes.
  2. A heavy progressive or graduated income tax.
  3. Abolition of all right of inheritance.
  4. Confiscation of the property of all emigrants and rebels.
  5. Centralization of credit in the hands of the State, by means of a national bank with State capital and an exclusive monopoly.
  6. Centralization of the means of communication and transport in the hands of the State.
  7. Extension of factories and instruments of production owned by the State; the bringing into cultivation of waste-lands, and the improvement of the soil generally in accordance with a common plan.
  8. Equal liability of all to labour. Establishment of industrial armies, especially for agriculture.
  9. Combination of agriculture with manufacturing industries; gradual abolition of the distinction between town and country, by a more equable distribution of the population over the country.
  10. Free education for all children in public schools. Abolition of children’s factory labour in its present form. Combination of education with industrial production,
Let’s take a brief look at each of them:
  1. DONE:  Our current economic woes are rooted in the housing industry, all facets of it, and the number of abandoned and/or repossessed houses is growing at an alarming rate.  With the government’s gargantuan bailout, ownership of those properties will transfer to the the federal government for use as “they” see fit.  It was promised to the American public that those properties would net a profit.  We’ll see . . .
  2. DONE:  First the Obamamaxist pledge was tax cuts for anyone and anything earning more than $250k.  Today, Biden announced that the threshold had been lowered to $150k.  What a surprise!  Better believe that the threshold will go lower still, wait until they take office – if they do win this election.
  3. DONE:  Obamamarxism has already stated that the inheritance tax will be reinstated and increased.
  5. DONE:  As part of the bailout deal the government is strongly considering, with Obama’s encouragement, taking over the banking system
  6. SOON TO COME:  Ever hear of the EPA and green vehicles?
  7. IN THE WORKS:  Obamamarxism’s plan is called the “New New Deal”
  8. DONE:  Obamamarxism’s re-distribution of wealth plan.
  9. SOON TO COME:  Watch for little Obamarxists running around in uniforms and saluting briskly.
We are as close to socialism as we have ever been in this country.  This election features just one Democrat and his name isn’t Obama, it’s McCain.  There is no doubt that Obama is a Marxist, with socialistic intentions for America.  McCain is the most liberal Republican in Washington and has the look/feel of a traditional Democrat. 
Obama has seduced America, hypnotized us.  His associations with Ayers, Wright, Khalidi and countless others who are professed haters of the American way are not in any way trivial.  Are we so blind that we can be duped into believing it doesn’t matter that his spiritual advisor of more than 20 years is a blatant racist who preaches “God damn America”?  Do we really believe that?  Are we so stupid that we can be convinced that his friendship with a confessed American terrorist who actively pursued the destruction of our government is not important?  Are we really that naive? 
Listen, those of you who are Democrats and Obama supporters, when you go into that voting booth ask yourself this question:  Is it worth it?  Is it worth it just to win?  Because if by voting just to win we could lose the one true thing unique to this great nation, freedom, is it worth it?  If by pulling that lever you erase all of the sacrifice made over the years to preserve that freedom, is it worth it?  Never has America been so dangerously threatened from either within or without as right here, right now.  If we allow Obama to infect Washington with Marxism we shall be changed forever.  Have no doubt about that.
So please, THINK about what you are doing in that voting booth.  THINK about what it means to your country and the consequences your vote may have upon the future of your childrens’ and grandchildrens’ country. 
We pass freedom on from one generation the the next.  It is a gift we inherit from those who preceed us.  They have entrusted it with us to faithfully safeguard, preserve and pass it on to those who proceed us.  Over the years it has been protected with the hope, faith and blood of millions of Americans.  It is now our time to defend it.
It is time to say, “Not on my watch.  I’ll not surrender this precious gift of freedom.  Not on my watch.  No way, no how.”
Me?  I am voting for America. 
Dan Maloney
So then, it has come to pass and we are a nation that is STILL hypnotized by the allure of Obama’s treachery.  Watch the situation in Wisconsin closely as now, they are literally knocking on our door.
Elections have consequences and we are only beginning to see the very tip of the transformational spear . . .
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