Just a couple things I take issue with . . .

From the “What the heck is going on in this country?” department:

The school district in Mansfield, Texas has added some new classes to it’s curriculum.  Yeah, they have.  They’ve added Arabic language and culture classes.  We’re not talking about electives here, they are adding them as CORE REQUIREMENTS at elementary and intermediate schools.  Seems the U.S. Department of Education has given them a grant of $1.3 million with strings attached – they MUST teach Arabic language and culture as a condition of receiving the grant.  Parents in the school district had no idea this change in curriculum was in the works until they heard about it in a meeting this past Monday night. 

Let me say that again, just to make sure we all understand this . . . the United States Department of Education is REQUIRING that Arabic language and cultures studies be added to the curriculum at a school district in Texas.

I have just one question, why is it that our FEDERAL GOVERNMENT – and with our tax money – is requiring this school district in Texas to teach Arabic studies when our children aren’t even taught the truth about our own American history?

“Tough” choices made in Obama’s budget cuts

Our Bankrupter-in-Chief Obama-rama has agonized over the depth of the budget cuts his administration has had to make in order to appease his thrifty-conscious critics.  Oh yeah, I’m sure he and his staff spent night after hair-pulling night burning the midnight oil crunching the numbers.  Here’s a broad look at what his proposed budget will look like:

Obama FY2011 Budget in $Trillions
  Dollars Percentage
Income Based Spending 2.308 60.73%
Deficit Spending 1.500 39.47%
Reductions -0.008 -0.20%
Budget 3.800 100%

Ummm . . . if I said I was encouraged even in the slightest I would be lying to you. 

This clearly demonstrates that Obama-rama is definitely NOT changing his spots, that he is NOT becoming more conservative and that he is NOT interested in cutting spending but rather that he IS dedicated to the marxist concept of redistribution, that he IS intent upon making American citizens beholden to their government and that he IS interested in driving the United States of America into bankruptcy. 

What other explanation could there possibly be?  Look, if you were spending 40% MORE than you earned, what would it do to your financial health?  Huh?  What would you have to do in order to survive?  Most of us would look FIRST at what that 40% represents and find ways to cut THAT spending, wouldn’t you agree?  Logically, I believe that Obama-rama did that and found a WHOPPING two tenths of one percent in budget cuts.  Did you catch that?  Let me say it again:  two tenths of one percent or 2/10 of 1% or .2%!!!!  Not only did he NOT make any significant budget cuts, he intends to BORROW $1.5 trillion or nearly 40% over and above the government’s income this year alone!  Just that will add a whopping 10.5% to our country’s debt.  This is unconscionable!

There is an agenda here.

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