They’re here!

Selling the muslim brotherhood to the U.S. Congress

Remember this?

That was in the video – ironically – the Director of National Intelligence James Clapper with the blank expression.  You know, the one who didn’t know that 12 terrorists had been arrested in London that day.  Yeah, that guy . . . the one with the shaved head and the stupid look on his face . . . that one.  You know, I really find it hard to believe we would have such a dipsh*t in that position . . . but we do, hand picked by Obama-rama. 

Now this embarrassment has testified before Congress about the muslim brotherhood and, OH BOY!, he came to the session about as if he had been prepared for his testimony by the muslim brotherhood themselves!  According to Clapper, the muslim brotherhood is a “benevolent” and “secular” organization that has elevated people in other countries out of very poor economic circumstances, is non-violent and eschewed al qaeda as an organization that has blasphemed Islam.  Ummm . . . huh?  What is he reading that the rest of the world doesn’t have access to?  Or maybe, just maybe, is he selling a bridge to socialism ruled by sharia law?

This stinks of Obama-rama’s influence.  First, Obama-rama sidesteps an O’Reilly question about the muslim brotherhood and now Clapper paints a “kum-bay-ya” picture of them to the Congress.  If there is any doubt about who Obama-rama will support to succeed Mubarak this should resolve any questions you might have about it. 

Make no mistake about the muslim brotherhood . . . they ain’t the Boy Scouts!  Go back and re-read my post entitled “If it Looks Like a Duck . . . ” and then call your Representatives and Senators.  We are being led to the kool-aid and are in grave danger!

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