Super Bowl XLV

RamblinManDan pre-game prediction:  Steelers 41, Packers 35 in a barnburner.

First half play:  The Steelers came out flat and played the first half like a bunch of rookies while the Packers kept their poise and capitalized on Steeler mistakes, scoring 14 points on turnovers.  Steeler fans were encouraged in the last few minutes however, as their team surged back into playoff form.

Halftime score:  Green Bay 21, Pittsburgh 10

Halftime show:  Blackeyed Peas . . . lame until Slash rose from the burnt Pea ashes and led them away from their flameout and into a rendition of “Sweet Child of Mine”.  Even then though the only thing that was actually interesting was what sounds Slash produced on his guitar.  Then Usher showed up with a bunch of midriff-baring dancers and again, the most interesting thing about the show had nothing to do with the mainliners.  The Peas then sang a pathetic love-themed song in which they make a plea to Obama to educate the children.  I’m sure it’s one of their popular songs but I couldn’t tell you the name of it.  They closed the show out with a bunch of lit-up, blockhead dancers jumping around while they sang a song that assured us that “Tonight’s Going to be a Good Night”.  One thing’s for sure, Packers fans will agree with you this night.

Second half play:  The Steelers came out in the 3rd quarter with confidence and the Packers were the ones looking like rookies early in the second half.  A 3rd turnover led to a score for the Packers.  The Steelers were down 31-25 at the 2 minute warning but did get the ball for another shot at the end zone.  They couldn’t move the ball though and the game ended with the 6th seed Packers as Super Bowl XLV Champs.

Final Score:  Green Bay 31, Pittsburgh 25

Here’s the deal:  21 of Green Bay’s points came off turnovers and Pittsburgh missed on 2 very good scoring opportunities.  Factor that into/out of the game and the final score would have been 39 – 10 Pittsburgh.  But then again, mistakes are a part of the game.  Green Bay deserved the win. 

Congratulations Packers!

Commercials:  Lots of what you would expect (gratuitous raw humor and sexual innuendo) with no real creativity in most of the much anticipated and very expensive commercials.  I did like the e-trade ones with the baby and the Chrysler commercial with Eminem though.

The low point of Super Bowl Sunday:  O’Reily . . . period.

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