Ronald Reagan – “The” Speech

This is one of the greatest speeches in American history – perhaps the greatest.  Ronald Reagan gave this televised speech on October 27, 1964 in support of Barry Goldwater’s Presidential campaign and is entitled, “A Time for Choosing”.  What is most notably remarkable about this speech is that it was written by Reagan himself and reflects his views and ideals – the very views and ideals under fire today.  While at the time of the speech he was not a politician, it would launch Ronald Reagan’s career and he would become Governor of California just 3 years later.  Listen carefully, it’s pertinent even still.

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One Response to Ronald Reagan – “The” Speech

  1. Ranubis says:

    Thanks Dan for this, I had never seen it before, but I’ve heard Levin talk about it many times.
    So what do you think the lame stream media would be saying about Reagan today if he was just breaking into the political world. I have a feeling he would be getting the same reception as Palin. I’m so sick of the lefties saying Sarah ain’t no Reagan. After listing to that speech I think she’s more like him then they want to admit. Maybe thats why they attack her so much. Sure she’s not as polished as he was, but then again he had how many years as an actor, and was able to hone those skills.

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