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Obama hearts the muslim brotherhood

Pamela Geller has been talking, writing and blogging about the decline of America and the rise of islam for years.  What she has revealed is nothing less than shocking.  More from about the muslim brotherhood and Obama here.

Work Wanted

The unemployment numbers for last week are not good.  415,000 MORE people filed for first time benefits and the reported unemployment rate for January was 9.8%.  These numbers are not even close to the real ones as they do not address those who do not qualify for the benefit or are “underemployed”.  Obama has successfully shut down the oil industry in this country, increasing our reliance on foreign sources of oil – predominantly from our enemies – and putting millions of Americans out of work. 

O’Reily interviews Obama

I wonder, why do you think Obama picked O’Reily for this?  It will air on Super Bowl Sunday.  Don’t expect anything, don’t get your hopes up.  O’Reily went over to the dark side long ago and has been in the tank with Obama from the get-go.  You might see O’Reily make a face or 2 and feign a touch of outrage during the interview but if it’s much more of anything than a softshoe I will be shocked. 

Journalists under siege in Cairo

American reporters from ABC, CBS and FOX have been detained and threatened in Cairo, some beaten and even threatened with be-heading.  The U.S. response?  Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made a public statement about freedom of speech . . .

Federal debt continues to climb

The federal government borrowed another $105.8 billion in January.  Let me say that again, the federal government borrowed another one hundred five point 8 BILLION dollars in January alone!  Obama’s bankruptcy mission continues.

Fort Hood

Apparently, the FBI and Army were aware of the danger that Nidal Hasan posed long before he went jihad, killing 13 and wounding 32 while shouting “Allahu Akbar!” on the Army base.  That they knew and did nothing out of “political correctness” is beyond reprehensible.  There is no excuse for what happened.

“Israel has nothing to fear but it’s own crimes.”

So sayeth the muslim brotherhood to an Israeli television station.  They have threatened to cancel the peace accord established in 1979 between Egypt and Israel.  They’ve also pledged to destroy Israel and kill all Jews worldwide.

Planned Parenthood nailed . . . again!

Yet another worker for Planned Parenthood has been secretly video-taped while providing advice to a fake pimp on how to obtain abortions for his call girls.  Moral depravity, period.

Archie Bunker prophecy

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