Do you ever wish they would just . . . stop?

Remind you of anyone?

Do you ever feel like they’re not giving you the whole story?  And . . . do you ever feel like there is more than what meets the eye?  And . . . do you ever get that cold little spot on the back of your head that makes you think maybe the hamburger you just ate from that fast food place has more than just pickles and ketsup on it?  And . . . do you remember that time when that guy graduated from college and he spelled it “koledge” but he became rich and famous anyway because he could jump really high?  And . . . do you remember how when somebody from the government started talking about how the government was going to “fix” things you got that same feeling you get when some guy’s trying to sell you aluminum siding for your Rambler?  And . . . do you remember that time you put your money in the soda machine but you didn’t get a soda and it wouldn’t give you your money back and all there was was a phone number to call and when you called the number it was somebody in India who you couldn’t understand? And . . . how about the time that guy who ran that really big company got really, really rich because he was selling stuff to people who used that stuff to make bombs and nuclear things?  And . . . do you remember that Senator who got a really cheap deal on his mortgage because he helped the mortgage company with bills in Congress?  And . . . how about that other guy who got really rich and famous because he made rhymes about his “hos” because he liked to “pimp them out” but he was afraid of the “po-po” so he had to “pop a cap” in some “n-word’s” a**?  Or . . . how about that woman in Congress who used a C17 Globemaster from the Air Force to fly back and forth between California and Washington, D.C. every single time?  And . . . do you remember that guy who became President and raised about $650m that a lot couldn’t be tracked back to where it came from and never really showed proof that he was an American and made Congress pass a bill about social healthcare that we didn’t really want and hung out with people who wanted to start a revolution and who’s wife said she wasn’t proud of her country and he spent more of America’s money than America has and so we had to borrow a LOT of money from China?  And . . . do you remember how all of the people in the government keep telling us not to worry and that it’s all ok and then they got a guitar and they kept singing nice songs to us?  Do you remember that stuff? 

Well, I do . . .

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  1. Leanne says:

    it’s time we start smashing guitars.

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