Wapi Obama mama na mwana?

The Obama-rama administration has pulled all the stops in an attempt to put to bed, finally, all this talk about birth certificates.  Hawaii’s governor, Neil Abercrombie, has moved to the top of his agenda an effort to put to rest any argument over the legality of Barack Hussein Obama’s Hawaiian birth certificate.  Yup, the first nut he will be cracking is the riddle of Obama’s secretive birthing document.  Apparently, he has initiated talks with the Hawaiian Attorney General about releasing any “long-term” documents the state may have in storage that would put the conundrum to rest.  This video is an interview with the governor by Hawaii News Now of KGMB, and edited with written comments by CitizenWells.  Take a look:

CitizenWells makes some good points and I have to believe there may be more to this story than we can see on the surface.  Heck, even Chris Matthews (the guy with the chill up his leg), has asked for Obama to give it up.  Take a look at this link to his show:


Which is it? Kenya? Indonesia? Hawaii?

There is also growing speculation that the “long form” live birth certificate Obama provided during his campaign is actually a forged copy of his half-sister Maya Kassandra Soetoro’s (same mother, different fathers) COLB.  They are saying that, on the document itself, there remain artifacts from the original document that was issued to Maya and that her name, birthdate and the nationality of her father can be discerned from the “fake” COLB used by Obama.  You can find these claims and other corraborating sources here.  What throws me off here is that Maya was actually born in Indonesia.  How did she get a Hawaiian Certificate of Live Birth?  I haven’t found out yet but I’m looking . . .

Keep an eye on this one folks because I’ve a feeling it’s going to get pretty frisky and will get a LOT of news coverage.

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