Few, if any, of the living you will see in the videos that follow survived the camps – about 75% of everyone brought in were killed.  The majority of the people you see in these videos – living or dead – are Jewish.  These gentle people were rounded up from all across Europe and herded to one of the many “camps”, lured with the promise of jobs, food and shelter.  Once inside the fence the children, pregnant women, elderly and sick were grouped together and sent along together as a group for further processing of de-lousing and “showering”.  The showering areas were in reality gas chambers, complete with fake shower nozzles, where cyanide pellets were dropped and the people inside these killing chambers choked to death on the deadly vapors.

Those who were healthy and could work or were educated were sent to a separate processing center where an actual processing of de-lousing and showering occurred.  From there they were sent to medical facilities where grossly inhumane medical “experiments” were carried out or put to work in the service of their captors but that reprieve lasted only until a faster, healthier, prettier or more handsome Jew was found to do the work.  The displaced worker would then be immediately placed with the medical experimentation facilities or with the very next group of children, pregnant women, elderly and sick for processing in the gas chambers.

Take a look at what it looked like.  CAUTION:  IT’S UGLY . . .

These videos exist because someone, somewhere wanted future generations to never forget what happened.  The images are heartbreaking.  The thoughts they provoke are disconcerting.  The horrendous acts that were committed are gruesome.  The people who did this are abhorrent.  No, we will never forget the heinous and atrocious actions of the Nazi.

Nearly sixty-six years ago, on January 27, 1945, the first concentration camp prisoners were liberated by the 322nd Rifle Division of the Soviet Red Army.  The Auschwitz State Museum displays a number of 4,000,000 dead within the confines of the concentration camps. 

Look again at those images.  Let us never forget.  God’s blessing upon His children.

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