Tax bill passed, spending bill dies

Republicans support for the massive $1.1 trillion spending bill collapsed yesterday and the pork laden bill died on the Senate floor.  An alternative “continuation” bill is in the works that will provide the federal government with current level funding until Congress reconvenes in January.  A new appropriations bill will then be written and voted upon next year.

The Bush Tax Cut extension bill passed in the House, keeping the current tax rates in place for all Americans regardless of how much they earn.  The bill also reinstates the estate tax, cuts payroll tax by 2% and extends unemployment benefits by and additional 13 months. 

Senate Democrats spend the remaining time of this session on to the DREAM Act and the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.  Through these measures, they hope to grant citizenship to some of the illegal aliens currently in the United States and gay men and women to serve openly.  Both are highly controversial and will be heavily contested.

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