2011 Appropriations Bull . . .

Congress continues to ignore us.  Congress continues to glut itself from the public trough without shame.  Congress continues to enrich friends and family.  Congress continues to abuse and misuse legislative provision for its own benefit and advantage.  Congress continues to spend what we don’t have. 

Senator John McCain addresses the Senate yesterday about the Democrats’ spending bill:

Senator Mitch McConnell addresses the media about the Democrats’ spending bill:

Last month America demonstrated the power of the vote and sent a whole pack of “new” legislators to Washington, D.C.  The voice of the people had spoken and the message had been clear, “STOP THE MADNESS!  STOP SPENDING!”  Now as if in defiance to that message, Senate Democrats (led by Reid and energized by the lame duck’ers) have put together an Appropriations Bill filled with graft, favors, greed and pork.  They’ve done this with no reference to their Republican counterparts.  They’ve done this with no concern for our Great Nation’s financial well-being.  They’ve done this with no good intention at all.  In fact, at a time when our national debt has swollen to near $45,000 per person, Congress continues to stuff their friends’ wallets with more of our tax money. 

Will they get away with it?  That is yet to be seen but this is an ominous sign of a system that is not working as intended.  The Senators and Representatives that sit in Washington are supposed to represent the will of the people of their home districts.  They are supposed to be our voice.  They are supposed to reflect the attitude and will of the American people. 

They are imposing their will upon us.  The exact opposite of their jobs.  The exact opposite of what our Founders envisioned.  The exact opposite of what we asked them to do.  The exact opposite of the right thing to do.  It is wrong.  It is scandalous.  It is in conflict with the spirit in which our Nation was founded.

“The will of the American people is the will of America.  Any elected official who acts in defiance of this is nothing if not a traitor.”  Dan Maloney

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2 Responses to 2011 Appropriations Bull . . .

  1. Lavender says:

    Republicans are spending money we don’t have like drunken sailors. I guess all that talk about cutting spending was just that – talk…

    • You’re right Ray. It doesn’t seem like any of the “elected ones” get it. We’ll see what happens when this bill moves through the legislative process. I’m hoping that a “bridge” of funding will be all that passes.

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