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From Nate Beeler over at the Washington Examiner:

If that works I’m headed over to the mall!

Mean old Grinch Harry Reid is threatening to keep the Senate in session until January 5th.  Yup, he’s serious about it too.  He wants to get through his “honey do list” of personal priorities that didn’t find any real traction this session.  I doubt anyone in their home districts would ’em if he does, for sure.  Check it out here .

The House passed a bill today that would grant citizenship to people living here illegally.  It’s called the DREAM Act and is one of Dirty Harry Reid’s pet projects . . . no, no, no, not the people stupid, the bill!  It now goes to the Senate for a vote this week where it will likely not get the votes to pass.  Here is the story.

America sent a new crop of Representatives and Senators to Washington last month.  Learn a little bit about all of them here .

Even Yahoo isn’t recession proof.  They’re laying off 600 yahoo’ers.

Italy stricken with riots after election results, I guess they didn’t like Parliament’s confidence vote for Prime Minister Berlusconi.  Parliament gave him their nod of confidence by just a 3 vote margin and the rest of Italy must have disagreed.  Read about it here .

Headline from the Blaze:  Candid Obama: ‘I Don’t Think There‘s A Sense That I’ve Been Successful’.  Gee . . . ya think?  Read it here .

Richard Cohen over at ‘Real Clear Politics’ says that China is punking all of us.  Yeah, read his article here .

Mason with her dog Blue.

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