Does he call it “Israel” or “Occupied Palestine”?

Netanyahu is not backing down.  Not from Palestine and not from the United States.  He is not giving up east Jerusalem or the West Bank.  Period.  Israel will not share the Holy City of Jerusalem with the Palestinians.  Period.  Over the weekend, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton expressed her frustration with the Israeli – Palestinian stalemate, urging both sides to lay out their positions “without delay and with real specificity.” and called for compromise while observing that “there will surely be no peace without an agreement” on “the most sensitive of all the issues.”.

Jerusalem is home to both Jewish and Muslim sites of holy significance and has long been a centerpiece of conflict.  To suggest that, in order to establish lasting peace between Israel and Palestine, Israel must surrender all or part of Jerusalem to Palestine is akin to asking the U.S. to give California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas to Mexico to stop the border violence.  This has been the thrust of the Obama’s and strategy and, unfortunately for all involved, is far astray from the real issue of the conflict.  Watch the video below with Hillary Clinton’s opening statements to meetings in September in an attempt by the Obama administration to broker peace.  Pay close attention to her outline of the “core issues” at around 4:28:

She described territory, security, Jerusalem, refugees and settlements as the “core issues” to resolve in finding peace in the Middle East.  She went on to say that Israeli Netanyaho and Palestinian Abbas must make “difficult decisions” in reaching the “only path toward a just, lasting peace”, which is a “two state solution”.  Aside from her pompous attitude and demeanor, Hillary Clinton did not mention the real issue that prevents peace in Israel.  Those things she did describe – territory, security, Jerusalem, refugees and settlements – are but symptomatic of a much, much larger issue that plagues the Middle East and is now beginning to infect the entire world. 

The instability in Lebanon is a very potent threat to Israel because Hezbollah presence influence there is enormous.  The Hezbollah flag is prominently flown and indoctrination into Hezbollah philosophy begins at an early age there.  I have traveled to the border area between Lebanon and Syria and the tension there is palpable.  Hezbollah influence is noticable in much of Lebanon and is visibly present there, particularily in the Bekaa valley region.  Everywhere I went in Lebanon and everyone I spoke with refused to recognize Israel as anything but “occupied Palestine”.  In fact all of them questioned why I had asked about Israel, most spoke vehemently against Israel and many suggested that Israel and all Jewish people be “incinerated”.  There seems to be an inbred hate towards all things Jewish from everyone, everywhere in Lebanon.  The obstruction that prevents (and what will continue to prevent) a peaceful solution in Israel lies in the shared and conspicuously open antisemitic predilection that lives unquestionably within Hezbollah, Lebanon and Iran.  But that overly complicates the situation. 

What is it then, what really stands in the way of peace between Israel and Palestine?  The answer is a simple as Islam.  Religion is what prevents a peaceful resolution in Israel – but not all religion.  It is Islam, with its jihad and sharia law spreading throughout the globe like an evil virus that is preventing peace in Israel.  It is Islam – the “religion of peace” – that is bombing buildings, murdering innocent people with “honor killings”, forcing itself upon the unwilling and preventing peace in Israel.  Islam, the religion that Obama says we must “respect”, is the problem in Israel and fast to be the world over. 

This war between Israel and Palestine has been raging for hundreds and hundreds of years.  Do some simple research on the “Temple Mount” and you will readily find that it is the location of the two ancient Israelite Temples mentioned in the Bible.  According to Jewish tradition, King David – who believed the site to be Mount Moriah, where Abraham was stopped by God from sacrificing his son, Isaac, as described in Genesis – chose that site as the location of the Temple.  And . . . according to Islamic tradition, Mount Moriah was the place from where Mohammed rose to heaven and is their third most holy site, after Mecca and Medina.  The site is believed to be holy to both the Jews and the Muslims but it was King Solomon – an Israelite – that built the first Temple there.

Christians became involved for a period of nearly 200 years, fighting their way through the near East with the dual objectives of recapturing Jerusalem and regaining Christian control of the Holy Land by defeating the Muslims.  There were a series of 9 religiously sanctioned Crusades to the Middle East that culminated in the fall of Antioch, Tripoli and Acre, which brought about a stunning end to the Christian Crusades.  Christians left behind in these cities were slaughtered or enslaved for life to their Mamluk captors.  Those defeats ended any direct major Christian involvement in the Middle East conflict for several hundred years.

The only way the United States can help to end the dispute in Israel is to either go all in – get involved militarily – or just get the out of the way.  Unfortunately, the United States – in it’s desire to not “offend” – doesn’t have the stones to side with Israel.  Obama’s sympathies are questionable, having spent much of his life with Muslim and/or revolutionary influence.  There is no doubt in my mind that any deal brokered by the Obama administration would effect the “two-state” solution.  It’s doubtful that the United States would insert itself in any conflict between Israel and Hezbollah or Iran – so long as he is sitting in the Oval Office.

I wonder . . . do you think Obama says “Israel” or does he say “Occupied Palestine” when he is among his Muslim friends?

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