Obama bails on Clinton at Press Conference!

Well, looks like ‘Bama did one better than Mr. Hillary might have suggested in the (fake) conversation from today’s earlier post, he just handed over the whole dang job to him.  Ditched him right there on television.  HeHeHeHe . . . yeah, he sure did!  Watch:

President . . . ummmm . . . Clinton?

Did you see that?  Obama just left Clinton dangling out there to deal with all the reporters!Look at Clinton’s face as Obama flashes that fake smile and excuses himself!  He is either caught off-guard and doesn’t really know what to say or he knows this is coming and is about as embarrassed as I’ve ever seen any President! 

It’s the most pathetic scene ever by a sitting U.S. President!  Is he giving up?  Is that what he’s doing?  Why in the world would a President leave a Presidential Press Conference?  Believe me, the White House Christmas party won’t start without the President, especially in such a difficult time as this . . . they’d wait for him.  So what in the world is going on?  Stay tuned, I’ve a feeling that things are going to get even more strange.

And hold on to your hats, there are I-9 audits taking place and one restaurant chain is cleansing itself of illegal aliens in an effort to prepare for it.  But the illegals aren’t without representation and they’re not taking it sitting down.  Check the CBS news story out here .  Remember what happened in England just because of tuition hikes, wait until this thing explodes.  It’ll make what happened in London look like a stroll in the park.  These illegals we have here think we owe them citizenship.

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  1. Micah Schwanitz says:

    I heard Obama would change the office of the President….

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