Oprah, Obama, Online Poker and Ozarks

One of the biggest headlines today, “Oprah tells Barbara Walters, ‘I’m not a lesbian!'”, is one that has me bamboozled.  I never thought that and had no idea people thought it either.  Did you think that of her?  Did you know that actual news reporters were spending so much time running this story to ground?  Well, apparently Barbara Walters thought so and just came right out and asked Oprah Winfrey right on national television, “Are you a lesbian?”.  I guess it’s been a slow news day-week-month-year for poor Babs – you should have seen her disappointment when Oprah told her that, “No, I’m not a lesbian.”  I’m not sure if that was because she wasn’t going to get the juicy scoop about “Lady O” and gal-pal Gayle King or if it was because of something else.  Well, it’s settled and now we know the truth.  Thank you Barbara, for getting to the bottom of this.  Now we can all get back to the other, less interesting, less important news.

Hey, did you see Obama on television talking about the “deal” he had to make with those mean old Republicans so he could protect the little guys in America from getting hit with a big ole tax increase?  Phew and boy-o-boy!  He sure was spitting nails about it but that’s old news.  The big scoop today is that he’s on the Discovery Channel’s “Mythbusters” show.  By the way, thing’s have been slow around the White House too.  Seems he has a myth that he wants them to take a shot at debunking and decided to just go on down there and tell them all about it.  Obama’s a reader you know and has read up on this Greek fellow named Archimedes who supposedly invented a solar ray gun that he used to set the Roman fleet on fire during a famous battle called the “Siege of Syracuse”.  Well, I don’t guess he’s TOO big a fan of the show because they told him they’d already tried it not just once, but twice and it didn’t work either time.  That’s when Obama pulled out his ace in the hole and told them they’d gone about it all wrong both times.  What they needed was more manpower!  Guess he’s got a “Plan B” if this President gig doesn’t work out for him.

Harry Reid is working hard to get online poker legitimized, legal and operational in the United States.  Finally!  Someone is finally looking after the interests of the casinos!  What with casinos popping up on every street corner in this country, Lord knows the American people don’t already have enough places to gamble away their paychecks.  Heck no!  Why not make it easy on us?  If Harry gets his way, we can do it from the comfort of our living rooms while sitting in front of the tube watching reruns of Oprah.  How about that!  Harry somehow got re-elected again despite the HUGE movement across Nevada to kick him out of the Senate.  Wait a minute!  That’s right, they have a bunch of casinos in Nevada!  I wonder if there’s any connection?  Nah, probably not . . .  and just to set the record straight, I do play poker but I don’t gamble online.

The Ozarks at their peak of color.  Enjoy . . .

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